Crew Management

Takeflite Crew Management module provides the ability to manage crew rosters including flight & duty and recency/currency requirements.


  • Easily assign staff to flights with an easy-to-use drag & drop interface
  • Notify pilots via Email, SMS (txt) and internal messaging
  • Received confirmations from pilots for flights they're booked on


  • Track all staff events in their roster - Work, Leave, RDO, Exams, Training and more
  • Automatically assign duty time to pilots, based on their rostered flights
  • Anyone can see if a pilot is exceeding or approaching any of the Part 48 rules
  • Define all the different Part 48 rules groups, assign them to specific flights
  • See how close staff are to approaching their 14 day duty total
  • View a pilot's recency status for any particular date
  • Easily access all of a pilot's log book


Crew Management Presentation
Watch this video to find out more about Takeflite Crew Management

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